Officina Bernardi


Many things are at work in a brand name. In ours, before all else, is the ‘officina’ in its broadest sense: a workshop of ideas. It inspires our collections and is where our workers are shaped in the goldsmith tradition. And it is here that the ‘officina’ acquires its most human sense:
a workshop of craftsmen. What machines can’t do, our craftsmen can, giving the jewelry its special final touches: the assembly, the finish, its Italian artistry and craftsmanship. The telling of a tale.

As brilliant as the ideas, intuitions and knowledge of those who began by constructing technologically innovative machines, and then jewelry creations that look to the future, while always remaining solidly rooted in the Made in Italy goldsmith tradition.

Born of an inspiration, the design defines the shapes by combining the norms of goldsmith artistry with the high quality of Italian style, and a skilled craftsman then brings them to life: Officina Bernardi jewels are masterpieces of Made in Italy jewelry, infinitely brilliant and luminous, a true synthesis of ingenuity and mastery.

The allure of luminosity, together with an avant-garde styling that combines technology, innovation and beauty, translate the stylistic features of the contemporary into timeless pieces of fine jewelry.

Officina Bernardi Jewelry is produced from the highest quality materials, with the utmost care and respect for man and the environment. Precious 18K or 24K gold and 925 silver is combined with other innovative materials, the result of highly advanced scientific and technological experimentation. One such example, ceramic, is a compound of polymers ideal for executing intricate details in the decoration of elements and guarantees the quintessential combination of incomparable perfection and superb quality. Stones are carefully chosen by our own gemologist from amongst the most precious and highest quality gems available, who assesses not only the overall quality but evaluates the best selection for each individual jewel being created and examines the characteristics of the specific metals into which they are embedded.

Each of our creations is meticulously designed to create geometrically perfect shapes and symmetrical lines. This balance is created by conducting a careful study of the proportions, distances and measurements of each element from the very start, so that not only the desired effect of brightness is achieved, but each composition also follows the stylistic features consistent with a concept of beauty.

The small Moon spheres, crafted with a finishing technique of overall brilliance, display a faceted surface typical of multi-cut diamonds. A true aesthetic harmony that embodies the compositional unity of all Officina Bernardi jewelry. A perfect synthesis of high-tech and know-how, Moon is the perfect union between tradition and continuous research. The outcome of skilled goldsmiths who carefully attend to each phase of the production process, without ever halting in their quest for experimentation.
A journey of discovery that has actively engaged the company’s internal mechanical division into designing and constructing their own sophisticated precision machinery, unique throughout the world. Technological innovation, enhanced by a meticulously artisan finish, allows for the formation of perfect
spheres, each emitting iridescent reflections of dazzling light.
Moon is the beating heart of Officina Bernardi’s unique genius. A secret sheltered within the walls of the magical town of Borso del Grappa.

Over the years, Officina Bernardi’s technology and innovation have led the iconic diamond-cut bead to take on ever new and changing shapes. Today, the classic Moon sphere is only a part of the numerous configurations that characterize the brand’s collections.
Diamond-cutting remains an exclusive technique and the beating heart of Officina Bernardi’s unique ingenuity, whose secret is held within the walls of the Borso del Grappa headquarters, not far from the enchanting city of Venice.
Recently the brand has patented new diamond-cut elements capable of releasing an unparalleled brightness, confirming the genius of a brand that has made light its distinctive trait.