Officina Bernardi

A creation is born from an idea. Desirable, when it evokes a feeling with those who wear it. Personification is what is sought. If found in that bond, it becomes luxury. In all of the collections, Officina Bernardi’s design identity can be found in the form of a sphere. Moon shines with a circular light. Ogiva enchants with its sinuous pattern in the Ophidia collection. Seta travels the path of small spheres in the Empire collection.

It is rhythm that makes the jewelry recognizable and the brand identifiable. In a smooth flow of lines, each creation stands out with a distinct feature. Its fluid movement is permeated with harmony and symmetry, its rhythmic designs with care and precision. The very same precision that light pours over objects to pull them from obscurity and give them life. Creations that draw attention to the surface of its forms and to
the depths of those who wear it.

There is a small stone heart in Venice still visible to passersby, where the impossible love between a fisherman and a mermaid lies frozen in time. The creature from the legend symbolizes a femininity in constant search of harmony between her human and feral nature. Like every woman, she must reconcile her innate wisdom.

“Non ho scritto neppure la metà delle cose che ho visto.” Marco Polo’s last words hold within them all the mystery of an ancient and impenetrable East, from which flowed a myriad of unexplored stories and sensations. Among the most exotic marvels, the sensuous majesty of silk. A fabric that, together with gold, evokes imperial magnificence and opulence. Empire, a fine gold jewelry collection that elicits the softness and luminosity of silk thanks to the delicate craftsmanship of its unique, diamond-cut surfaces.

It was 1946 when three Italian women chose the mimosa flower as a symbol for International Women’s Day. Perhaps because it challenges the lingering cold of winter with its tenacity. Perhaps because it lightens up those final grey days like a precocious omen of spring. Or perhaps, because it is strong, bright and joyful, like all the women it celebrates. MIMOSA, a collection that captures Italian craftsmanship, transforming it into brilliant jewelry devoted to feminine strength and resilience.

Precious stones paint a Venetian landscape at the first light of dawn. Ruby rays of sunlight reflect in a sea of sapphire, while the white stone of ancient palaces is summoned by the brightness of diamonds. The allusion of a place captured in a timepiece without hands. An elegant jewel that forgoes time passing, making its absence a luxury for very few.

Senza Tempo, a collection that casts the eternal essence of seduction in a series of circular shapes, paying homage to an enchanted city and to those who wear it.

In a sinuous orbit, a multitude of tiny celestial bodies merge in unison. The harmonic motion of golden spheres accompanies each gesture. Shiny and radiant satellites pay homage to the most noble of metals. The perfection of moon spheres wrap around the woman wearing them, exalting her irresistible force of attraction. Dora, the collection that most plays with space and movement, celebrating harmony and freedom.

The celestial body of dreamers, poets, lovers. The everchanging Moon, day after day transforming itself before the eyes of its admirers, able to unleash tides and the most profound desires. In a brilliant play of light, these precious jewels draw inspiration from the iridescent pearl of our night skies. The Classic Moon collection chooses a powerful symbol and transforms it into a jewel. A masterful combination of state-of the-art technology and goldsmith artistry has made Classic Moon a true icon of Officina Bernardi.